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Your local Ta-maki Sushi is: Battersea, 3a Bramlands Close, SW11 2NR. Need to change branch?


About Ta-maki Sushi Bar

Ta-maki Sushi specialises in Japanese cuisine and offers range of services such as: sushi bars, sushi take away, sushi delivery in SW and professional sushi catering for private and corporate events.

Ta-Maki Sushi was founded in 2007 by Shay, opening it’s first location in Wimbledon Centre Court Shopping Centre at the end of August 2007.

Ta-Maki Sushi aims to be the first company to take this very successful High Street concept and convert it to suit UK shopping centres and other high foot-fall locations. We operate with an open kitchen, presenting a clean and fresh environment and creating an exciting point of interest.

Ta-Maki offers a variety of sushi rolls and Nigiri, with traditional Japanese fillings and some with western fillings. In addition to current Ta-Maki menu items, we regularly add dishes, depending on popularity, weather, and availability.